Identity theft continues to be a threat, making paper shredders for managing unwanted confidential information critical for secure protection. Depending on your security needs, shredders are available for every size office and offer paper cut types in a range of security options.

Fellowes shredders offer durable, reliable shredders for every office size. For home use and small office use, personal shredders and small office shredders are ideal for providing peace of mind. (talk about peace of mind?). For larger offices, commercial shredders are the next largest capacity machines in the Fellowes line. These heavy-duty shredders provide high-volume shredding for multiple users in a large office setting. Government-approved shredders are specifically designed for government offices with strict shredding requirements. If you’re looking for the latest in shredder technology, automatic shredders provide easier, hands-free shredding.

Cut types offer different levels of shredder security. Strip cut shredders are commonly used for basic protection for personal shredding. Cross-cut shredders feature the most common cut type and work ideally for both home offices and small businesses with security concerns. Micro-cut shredders and high security shredders offer the highest level of protection. Micro-cut is essential for offices managing numerous documents containing sensitive information.

Whatever type of shredder you choose, shredder oil and waste bags are also helpful accessories for maintaining shredder performance and managing shredder paper waste. Be sure to oil your shredder regularly and select the correct waste bag size to fit your shredder bin.