Sit-stands get you moving throughout the work day. Use sit-stand workstations to enhance your flexibility, movement and alertness while you work. Choose one that fits your workspace and your lifestyle.

As research reveals how sitting all day can impact health, adjustable height desks are growing in popularity. After all, two hours of sitting can cancel out 20 minutes of your exercise routine. Prolonged sitting has also been linked to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and a host of other health issues. Just by standing a few minutes throughout the day, you can feel healthier at work. Find a sit-stand that comes fully assembled so you can get started enjoying the healthy benefits right away.

Adjustable computer desks should also accommodate your digital devices. Look for a sit-stand desk that features built-in charging stations and wireless charging for your hand-held electronics. Cord management keeps computer cables under control and additional USB ports help manage your electronics more easily while you stand.

The best standing desks should also accommodate your height. Choosing a desk with at least 22 different height settings and 17’ of vertical adjustment ensures that your workstation will always fit you. Like all desks, standing desks also need protection from germs. Look for a sit-stand workstation that includes antimicrobial protection.