How To Oil Your Shredder

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Lubricating your shredder

Oiling a shredder is important to maintain the blades and to extend the life span of the shredder. Fortunately it is simple to do once you know how to do it and it only takes a minute. If you notice that the paper is difficult to shred, or when the machine jams, then it is time to oil. Apply oil to the shredder whenever you empty the wastebin or at least twice a month.

What do I need to oil my shredder?

All you need is a good oil to get started! Do not use aerosol oil to oil your shredder. Such lubricants are petroleum-based and can pose a serious fire hazard. Use only vegetable oils such as Fellowes Paper Shredder Oil..


Step by step how to oil your shredder

This method is for manual shredders only, Please consult the product manual or contact Fellowes after sales team for instructions on how to oil your AutoFeed shredder.


1. Use a vegetable oil such as Fellowes Paper Shredder Oil.


2. To oil your paper shredder, press and hold the reverse button.


3. Squeeze the oil all over the paper feeder while holding the button down.


4. Then press and hold the reverse button for another 10 seconds to make sure that the lubrication has spread through the cutting blades.


5. It only takes a few seconds for your paper shredder to run properly, because regular oiling prevents the cutting blades from jamming over time.

Instructional video changing the oil of your paper shredder

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