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We know a laminator is a must-have for every teacher, that’s why we offer a variety of classroom machines and laminating ideas for pre-school, primary, secondary and after school. Find a large assortment of classroom organisation tools, fun laminating craft ideas, and creative teaching tools for teachers all for free on the Idea Centre. From the start of a new school year to the end, we are here to help with all your classroom needs.

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Wash Your Hands Sign

Roll and Color Dice Bingo Game

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Stay 6 Feet Apart Social Distance Sign

Implement social distancing at school

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Protect Students And Staff Custom Sign

Customize your school's safety procedures

thumb 4

Protect Students And Staff Sign

Share safety procedures

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Face Mask Required Sign

Face masks sign for schools

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Number Flash Cards

Learning numbers just got fun

thumb 7

Student Birthday Calendar

Keep track of student birthdays

thumb 8

Lost And Found Sign

Give your lost and found bin some creativity

thumb 9

Desk Name Tags

A fun way to start the school year

thumb 10

DIY Hall Pass

A fun way to start the school year

thumb 11

Motivational Poster

Get your classroom inspired to dream big

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Be Nice Classroom Motivational Posters

Teach students to be nice to each other

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Better Manners Classroom Motivational Poster

Teach students the proper way to ask a question

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Learning Classroom Motivational Poster

Inspire students to learn more every day

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Hygiene Reminder Classroom Motivational Poster

Encourage good hygiene habits in class

thumb 16

Sharing Classroom Motivational Poster

Encourage sharing among your studentsi

thumb 17

Back To School Desk Tags

Welcome students back with creative desk tags

thumb 18

Attendance Sheet

Keep the classroom organized

thumb 19

Student Birthday Chart

Keep student birthdays organised

thumb 20

Back To School Pennant Welcome Pennant

Welcome kids back to class with classroom signs

thumb 21

Student Birthday Organizer

Get organised with student birthdaysu

thumb 22

Sunshine Students

Helps students know they make a difference

thumb 23

Who's In The News

A fun and creative classroom newsletter

thumb 24

Student Name Bingo

Make Learning Student Names Fun

thumb 25

Back To School Pennant Welcome Sign

Welcome kids back to class with classroom signs

thumb 26

About Me

Get kids thinking and writing about themselves

thumb 27

All About Me

Use about me as a classroom activity

thumb 28

Primary Scool Sight Word Bingo

A great game for second graders

thumb 29

Solar/Lunar Eclipse

Learn about eclipses

thumb 30

Lunch Box Tags

Keep school lunches organised


thumb 31

Locker Tags For Girls

Give the girls their own locker tags


thumb 32

Backpack Tags

Keep back packs from getting lost


thumb 33

Desk Tags

Fun and engaging classroom organisers

thumb 34

Locker Tags for Boys

Cool decorations for boys lockers

thumb 35

Printable Hall Passes

The perfect hall pass template

thumb 36

Student Desk Tags

A reward for keeping a tidy desk

thumb 37

Clean Desk Award

A clean desk deserves an award

thumb 38

Missing Assignment Template

A useful sign for teachers and classrooms

thumb 39

Attendance Sheet

Keep perfect attendance

thumb 40

All About Me Pennant

Celebrate back to school

thumb 41

Nursery School Sight Word Bingo

The perfect learning game for nursery school

thumb 42

Weekly School Lunch Planner

Plan a week's worth of school lunches

thumb 43

Sight Words Bingo - Primary School

Bring sight word fun to primary school

thumb 44

Classroom Organization Signs

Signs for organizing the classroom

thumb 45

Do Not Disturb Sign

A useful sign for testing sessions

thumb 46

Think Mark Bookmarks

A great tool for reading comp

thumb 47

Growth Mindset Rewards

Fun rewards for certain accomplishments

thumb 48

Figurative Language Posters

Helping teach figurative language while reading

thumb 49

Figurative Language Guides

Teaching figurative language with flashcards

thumb 50

Early Finisher Activities

A simple reward for getting things done


thumb 51

Reward Coupons For Kids

Rewarding kids with coupons

thumb 52

Brag Board

Brag boards make kids thoughtful in their writing

thumb 53

Classroom Reward Coupons

A great way to reward kids in class

thumb 54

Think Mark Poster

A perfect companion to Think Mark bookmarks

thumb 55

Student Award Template

Award student achievement

thumb 56

Classroom Party Poster

Prepare for a party

thumb 57

Think Marks Poster And Bookmark

Bring Think Mark skills to the classroom

thumb 58

Blank Award Template

Give awards to keep kids motivated

thumb 59

Healthy Food Chart

Learning about healthy eating

thumb 60

Reading Comprehension

Improve reading skills with this worksheet

thumb 61

Color Scavenger Hunt - Spanish

A fun activity for learning colors in Spanish

thumb 62

Color Scavenger Hunt - French

A classroom game for learning colors in French

thumb 63

Color Scavenger Hunt

Find colors throughout the classroom

thumb 64

What I learned This Week

A weekly learning activity

thumb 65

Listening Poster

Teach good listening skills with this classroom poster

thumb 66

Cowboy Contractions Words

A fun way to learn contractions

thumb 67

World Map Outline

Teaching geography is fun with this worksheet

thumb 68

Birthday Chart For Class In Spanish

A fun birthday chart for Spanish speakers

thumb 69

Organising Labels

Organise everything with these laminated labels

thumb 70

School Bookmarks

Bold bookmarks for reading class

thumb 71

Emergency Information List

An emergency list that lasts

thumb 72

Bus Tags

Help kids find their bus

thumb 73

Occupation Flashcards

Learning about work with IDs


thumb 74

Doggy Addition Worksheet

A fun doggie-themed approach to addition

thumb 75

College Dorm Checklist Blank

An organizer for dorm living

thumb 76

Dorm List

Get organized for dorm life

thumb 77

Classroom Wall Calendar

A reusable chart for teaching about calendars

thumb 78

Wanted Poster

A fun approach for teaching

thumb 79

Reading Area Decoration

Fun pennants that encourage reading

thumb 80

Weekly Template

A weekly organiser that works for every class

thumb 81

Punctuation Characters

A teaching tool for punctuation

thumb 82

Maths Words

Learn amazing math words with ease

thumb 83

Getting to Know You

An engaging activity for writing personal biography

thumb 84

Alphabet Flags

Fun flags that teach ABC's

thumb 85

Reading Strategies Posters

A poster for the classroom that encourages reading

thumb 86

Flags Around The World

A way to teach about the flags of the world

thumb 87

3D Shapes For Kids

Perfect for teaching shapes

thumb 88

Printable Multiplication Table

Teach multiplication with these reusable charts

thumb 89

Wash Your Hands Sign

An important reminder in the school bathroom

thumb 90

Shape Templates

A fun way to learn shapes

thumb 91

7 Continents Of The World

A great way to teach the continents

thumb 92

Canadian Prime Minister Search Game

Learn about Canadian prime ministers

thumb 93

Canadian Province Capitals

Teach Canadian provinces in the classroom

thumb 94

Canada Map Template

Explore Canada in this classroom map

thumb 95

Counting In Spanish

Learning to count in two languages

thumb 96

Opposites In Spanish

Learning opposite in two languages

thumb 97

Spanish - English - Calendar

Learning the calendar, spanish to english

thumb 98

Travel Words In Spanish

Travel words in Spanish and English

thumb 99

Count By 5

Teaching counting by fives with this dry erase worksheet

thumb 100

3 Digit Addition

Triple digit addition is easy with this worksheet

thumb 101

Double Digit Subtraction

Include double digit subtraction to your lesson plan

thumb 102

Counting By 5

Teaching counting by twos with this worksheet

thumb 103

Count In 10s Worksheet

Counting by ten is easy with this helpful worksheet

thumb 104

Count By 5s

A fun approach to teach counting in the classroom

thumb 105

3 Digit Subtraction

Triple digit subtraction is easy with this worksheet

thumb 106

Counting By 2s

A count by two approach for early learners

thumb 107

Count By 10s 

A counting by ten worksheet makes learning math fun

thumb 108

Classroom Area Signs

Call out class helpers

thumb 109

Hall Pass Template

Laminate hall passes for school

thumb 110

Double Digit Addition

Teach double digit addition with this worksheet

thumb 111

Animals In Spanish

Learning animals in Spanish

thumb 112

Days Of The Week Signs What Is Today

Download this Days of the week chart

thumb 113

Alphabet Tracing

Learn about handwriting the ABCs

thumb 114

Money Work Sheets

Teach the value of money with this fun worksheet

thumb 115

Star Of The Week Poster

Make a star student stand out

thumb 116

Success Poster

Teach important lessons for success

thumb 117

Reduce Reuse Recycle Poster

Perfect signs for recycling

thumb 118

Recycling Poster

Remind to recycle

thumb 119

Desk Name Tags For Boys

Tag the classroom desks for organization

thumb 120

Desk Name Tags For Girls

Perfect signs for classroom desks

thumb 121

Discover Europe

A detailed map of Europe for the classroom

thumb 122

Free Printable USA Map

The perfect classroom map for teaching US geography

thumb 123

World Map Template

Explore the world with this detailed classroom map

thumb 124

Map Of Europe

Use this map to teach European geography

thumb 125

Map Of UK

Explore the UK in this detailed classroom map

thumb 126

Continents And Oceans Map

Learn more about the world's oceans

thumb 127

British Isles Map

An engaging map of the Bristish Isles

thumb 128

US Map With States And Capitals

Find all the state capitals with this classroom tool

thumb 129

US President Word Search

Discover the US presidents in this easy and fun worksheet

thumb 130

US States Word Search

Word searches are a fun way to learn about the states

thumb 131

State Capitals Word Search

Use this word search puzzle to learn state capitals

thumb 132

Degree Angle Chart

Introduce angles in this worksheet

thumb 133

Lunch Box Name Tags

Cool ways to keep lunches organised

thumb 134

Backpack Name Tag

Laminated tags for back packs

thumb 135

Maths Vocabulary Words

Maths is about more than numbers

thumb 136

Telling Time Worksheets

Learn about telling time

thumb 137

ABC Flash Cards

Try these ABC's as flashcards

thumb 138

Addition Flash Cards

Addition in a flash

thumb 139

Number In Spanish

Numbers in Spanish teach everyone to count

thumb 140

Months In Spanish

The months of the year in Spanish

thumb 141

Days Of The Week In Spanish

The Spanish approach to days of the week

thumb 142

Colors In Spanish

Spanish colors in flashcards

thumb 143

Timetable Template

A great time organiser for teachers

thumb 144

Excellent Work Certificate

A certificate for great work

thumb 145

Classroom Tags

Tags for perfect organisation

thumb 146

Good Work Certificate

A good way to reward good work