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Seamless Integration

AeraMax Pro was designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, whether on the floor, wall-mounted or recessed into the wall. All models are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing, so you can provide worry-free air purification wherever it's needed most.

Air Purifier Seamless Integration
Air Purifier With Stand

Floor Stand

  • Quick one-step integration into existing spaces
  • Can easily be moved from one area to another
  • Creates whole-room circulation and increases clean air distribution
Air Purifier Wall-Mounted


  • Can be installed closer to the source of concern
  • Creates whole-room circulation and increases clean air distribution (less obstacles in air path)
  • Contaminated air is pulled away closer to head height (breathing level) and not from the floor
  • Improves efficiency of air changes per hour (ACH) performance
  • During our Computation Fluid Dynamic study simulation testing, we observed significant full-room filtration efficiency when wall-mounted
Air Purifier Recessed


  • Slim profile fits into smaller or narrow spaces
  • Flexible integration with multiple installation options
  • Creates whole-room circulation by mounting within the wall
  • Improves efficiency of air changes per hour (ACH) performance

Significant Full Room Filtration

Fellowes' commitment to healthy air and providing a solution that improves air quality was highlighted in a computational fluid dynamics study. The study demonstrated how AeraMax Pro commercial-grade air purifiers improve air quality by diluting and removing airborne contaminants in bathrooms.

Contaminant Cloud Simulation

With AeraMax Pro in place, the contaminants were quickly diluted and pulled out of the stalls toward our systems. No matter the shared space, AeraMax Pro is your most valuable ally against contaminated air, preserving the health and safety of all of your building occupants.

Exchange of Air is Key

The best way to proactively manage in-room air quality is the provide maximum ACH (air changes per hour).


ACH is the amount of times you move the volume of air in a room through a filtration process per hour. An ACH of 5 means your air is being cleaned every 12 minutes!


Learn more about ACH and how often you should have air cycled in a room.

Air Exchange Rate

*Actual performance may vary based on model and room size