Which thickness of laminating pouch do you need?

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Which thickness of laminating pouch do you need?

When it comes to choosing the right laminating pouch for the job, you need to know your microns.

Pouches come in different levels of microns. The more of these, the thicker the pouch and the more rigid the result will be.

While laminating protects any document, the number of microns in the pouch will determine just how durable and tough the finish is. Here’s our guide to micron levels:


Flexible protection


For documents that are only handled very occasionally, yet need protecting, 80-micron pouches are ideal.

While thicker pouches can mean greater durability, they are also less flexible. For materials such as folded display signage, drawings, designs, certificates or signs, which are likely to be on a wall and hardly ever touched, laminating pouches with an 80-micron thickness are fine.

80-micron pouches are popular because they provide enough protection for flexible objects that need to last, such as classroom posters.


2. Everyday protection


A slightly higher level of protection comes from 100-micron pouches. These can be used for notices, craft materials and signage.


3. Business, ID and visitor cards


125-micron pouches are the answer for items such as business cards, ID cards or visitor badges, which don’t need to be folded or rolled, but will be handled more frequently.

You can use these to make your own ID tags or luggage tags, ideal for travelling situations when they need to survive long journeys and contact with baggage handlers.

These pouches are also ideal for laminating photographs, and are available in tailored sizes, including 65 x 95mm and A6, for protecting small ‘card size’ documents.


4. Frequently handled documents


For a premium level of document protection, 175-micron laminating pouches are your friend.

With high levels of thickness and rigidity, they are ideal for menus, notices, signage and frequently handled documents that need to last under pressure.

This can also be a popular thickness for laminating documents that are letter-sized or smaller.


5. Demanding conditions


In demanding environments, such as construction sites or heavy-duty work sites, where workers and visitors need to wear ID or visitor tags, 250-micron pouches offer even greater durability.

The ultimate level of document protection, materials laminated with 250-micron pouches offer a similar strength to a credit card and cannot be easily folded or bent.

Also suitable for outdoor signage, teaching aids or frequently handled documents, this thickness is extremely durable and can withstand regular handling.

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